Tenglong Ao 敖腾隆

Tenglong Ao 敖腾隆

Ph.D Candidate

Peking University


I am a Ph.D student at Peking University, advised by Prof. Libin Liu. I received my B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University in 2020.

My ultimate goal is to create a production-ready system capable of generating film-quality animation from natural language scripts.

To attain this goal, I joined a startup team from 2019 to 2021 and helped develop a language-assisted animation creation product that enables users (e.g., Tiktokers and kids) to effortlessly create simple animations by specifying natural language-described story scripts. You can view some demos here.

Recently, I am engaged in exploring a preliminary solution path from the academic perspective. My current work focuses on a core sub-module of the script-to-animation system: audio/text-driven human behavior motion synthesis, such as gesture generation.



GAMES Webinar (20230414)